Friday, 20 March 2009

“There’s 70 billion people on Earth, where are they hiding...?”

Here you go pop-pickers, this weeks compilation has no theme to it at all other than the fact that each track is on my ‘play-sometime-soon’ list, although I do want to burn it to play in the car this weekend.

If you really need a theme call it ‘Retro-Futurism’.

1. Soul Vine – Cabaret Voltaire.
2. Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
3. Year of the Jet-Packs – The Future.
4. Jahwise Hammer of the Babylon King – Joemus.
5. Excercise 5 – Bent.
6. Jetplane (Staying on a...) – Wavves.
7. Party in my Head – Miss Kittin and the Hacker.
8. She’s in Fashion – Suede.
9. Michael Douglas – Neon Neon.
10. Pop Robot – Empire State Human.
11. We are Phuture – Phuture.
12. Paradise (Dreamtime Mix) – Sade.
13. Drums are Dangerous (303 invades Seattle Mix) – Drum Club.
14. Moaner (album version) – Underworld.
15. The Way it Used to be (Left of Love Dub) – Pet Shop Boys.
16. Unchanging Windows Chord Sample – Broadcast.

Link is in comments - enjoy.

Friday, 13 March 2009

"Fa diddly ah..."

So St Patrick was a Welshman, but might have been a Roman, a Gaul or even - God forbid - English. He converted the indiginous Druidic types to the good word of Christianity using a shamrock and chased all the snakes out of Ireland from the top of Cruach Phádraig with nothing but a stick - all so people can paint their faces green, and knock back a few extra 'Arthurs'.

Fair play to the lad.

So in honour of this tradition here are a few treats to get your party started.

Christy Moore - Live at the Point.

The Pogues - Just Look them in the Eye and Say Pogue Mahone.

Dedicated to friends and family, present and missing.

(And to Ray Houghton for 1988.)
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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

"Watch the steps. Get a drink, have a good time now..."

The Avalanches - After the Goldrush.

(Not to be confused with Neil Young's awful album of the same name - he is an overrated shitehawk with the worst haircut ever. On the other hand The Avalanches are absolute genius and should be cherished.)

In 2008, a mix CD appeared by The Avalanches titled "After the Goldrush". The album is a mashup of 42 songs in different styles and from different eras. The inside cover includes a mini-history of the band and announces that this album "fills the gap for all of The Avalanches junkies out there, a mad mix of eclectic musical inspirations pieced together in a totally unique and off the wall way, it shouldn't work, but it does in a bizarre way that only these antipodean mavericks know how... And remember, The Avalanches wouldn't give a 'Castlemaine Four-X' for anything else." There is a small picture of the band that sits behind the CD. There is no booklet and no credits for the songs or the band aside from the notes in the inside cover. Copies are scarce but can be found in rare record stores, several online outlets, and eBay.

There is also a theory that this is just an older mix re-named. Who cares - it is great.

Track listing.

1. Bob Dylan - Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do?
2. Beach Boys - Matchpoint Of Our Love
3. Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar
4. KLF - 3 Am Eternal
5. Basement Jaxx - Light Your Lighter
6. Unknown Artist - Shady
7. Q Tip - Breathe And Stop
8. Aldo Bender - Acid Enlightenment
9. Thomas Bangalter - Turbo
10. Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better (Todd Edwards "Dub Better" remix)
11. Mr Oizo - M Seq
12. Felix Da Housecat - Strobe
13. DJ Funk - Booty Perc-U-Later
14. BS 2000 - Nobody Beats BS 2000
15. DJ Funk - Every Freakin Day
16. Aphex Twin - Afx237 v7
17. Shimon & Andy C - Bodyrock
18. The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
19. Bubba Sparxx - Ugly
20. Bobby Digital - Must Be Bobby
21. DJ Zinc - 138 Trek
22. Dr Dre - Forgot About Dre
23. Chemical Brothers - It Began In Africa
24. Underworld - Rez /Cowgirl
25. Guns N Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
26. Thomas Bangalter - Colossus
27. Mc5 - Tonite
28. Missy Elliott - Get Yr Freak On
29. George Michael - Faith
30. Destiny's Child - Jumpin Jumpin
31. Foundation Players - Fireball
32. Eminem - The Real Slim Shady
33. Xpress 2 - Smoke Machine
34. Missy Elliott - One Minute Man
35. J Walk - Soul Vibration
36. Princess Superstar - Wet Wet Wet
37. Queen - I Want To Break Free
38. Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches
39. Daft Punk - Oh Yeah
40. Hall And Oates - I Cant Go For That (No Can Do)
41. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
42. Beach Boys - Johnny Carson
The link is in the comments - hope you like it.