Thursday, 24 June 2010

"Kiss me where the sun don't shine..."

It is with sad regret that I inform you that The Mixed Up World of Herbal T will be going 'private' as of July 15th 2010 - exactly two years to the day of it's initial posting. I am sick to death of posts being taken down; it has taken all the joy from something that I found a great pleasure in doing - creating mixes for friends.

If you would like an invite to access the 'Private World of Herbal T' please leave a message in comments with your email address - rest assured that none will be posted for others to see.

Alternatively, you can email me - my address will be in comments at the end of this post.

My best wishes go to all the bloggers who have been an inspiration and support to me; in particular Nolan Micron of 'Castles in Space' and JC - 'The Vinyl Villian'. Links to them and a number of other wonderful blogs can be found down the right hand side of this page. ---->

Thanks for your support.

Herbal T.